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Melange Blue Bell Men Deodrant 150 ML


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Melange Deodorant, presents a range of deodorant bodysprays for men. Designed by the world’s leading perfumers, the Melange range of deodorant bodysprays not only helps you smell good but also keeps you fresh, clean and confident. Beat the heat and get a chilled start to your day with the Melange range of deodorant bodysprays.‘One press spray can’ it reaches all over your body. Spray it on your underarms, neck, chest and back and feel the freshness in every pore of your body.Start your day with this irresistible fragrance. Enriched by the mischievous interplay of unique seductive ingredients, this long-lasting fragrance has been crafted for a refreshing beat in Melange iconic style. This deodorant has been designed for the man.


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